Optic Guarantee

Optic ’49: Eyewear Warranty


Frame Warranty

All prescription frames are warranted two years (from date of purchase) against manufacture defects. If the frame is damaged due to manufacture defects Optic ’49 will replace the frame at no charge. A manufacture defect does not include mishandling or abuse.

Damaged frames due to mishandling or abuse will be replaced at 30% off during the 24 month warranty period if the frame is still available.


Lens Guarantee

All prescription lenses are guaranteed to be manufactured according to the prescription received. All lenses are thoroughly inspected during the manufacturing process for prescription accuracy and cosmetic appearance.

Anti-Reflective/Scratch Resistance Coating Guarantee

A Scratch resistant coating or an anti-reflective coating is available for purchase. With the purchase of the scratch resistant coating or anti-reflective coating, Optic ’49 will replace your scratched lenses one time at no charge within two years of the purchase date.

Prescription/Lens Style Change

If your prescription needs to be changed within 60 days of the purchase date, Optic ’49 will replace your lenses one time at no charge. If the replacement lenses include any upgrades, these items will incur additional costs.

There will be no refunds if the replacement pair is less than the original cost.

Damaged lenses due to mishandling or abuse will be replaced at 30% off for 12 months (from date of purchase).


Lens Care

Proper care is key in protecting your lenses from scratches. This includes rinsing your lenses off, washing them with a cleaner or soap, drying with a soft clean cloth and storing them in a clean case. The most common way to scratch lenses is wiping them while dry and storing them improperly when not in use.


Customer Satisfaction

If you are not satisfied with your frame purchase, Optic ’49 will make new lenses at no charge if you choose to purchase a different frame. There will be no refunds on the original frame.

If within 30 days you are not satisfied with your purchase and do not desire a replacement, your purchase price, minus a 30% handling fee will be refunded upon the return of the eyeglasses.