Optic Stylists (Draft)


Her current glasses are Valentino, Tiffany or Tory Burch — depending upon her mood. She likes classic styles, black frames, maybe a striking color. Deborah also likes hiking, Café Yumm, dancing, Prada and making others laugh — but not necessarily in that order!

Mountains or Coast? Either one for hiking!
Favorite thing about Salem? The people are so nice here.



Inna loves bright colors, big round glasses and the classic look of Porche sunglasses. Originally from Simferopol, Salem’s sister city in Ukraine, Inna’s favorite frames are anything by Anne et Valentin, her favorite food is lamb, and her favorite thing to do is dance!

Mountains or Coast? Mountains for active, coast for relaxing
Favorite thing about Salem? It’s my Sister City!



Text to come



Born in England, Inamarie favors classic european frame styles that are timeless and unique. Theo (pronounced tay-oh), Anne et Valentin, and Zen are frames she wears. For sunglasses, she likes to add a little color to the lens, personalizing the design just for you.

Mountains or Coast? Coast!
Fun Fact? I have an english accent but my last name is French.



Positive and upbeat, Lindsey is a Salem-girl, born and raised. Her favorite frames are Lafont, though she is currently wearing LA Eyeworks. But what she really likes are sunglasses! Tiffany Aviators, anyone? She also likes camping and is learning to play the guitar. Go, girl!

Mountains or Coast? Mountains
Glasses or Sunglasses? Sunglasses!



Being an interior designer in her previous career, Suzette loves the quality, colors and stylish flare of brands like Etnia O Barcelona, Lindberg, and Lafont. In her free time she into upcycling furniture, wood, and jewelry. Oh, and she also loves big sunglasses!

Mountains or Coast? Mountains
Glasses or Sunglasses? Love Sunglasses!



Text to come



An artist at heart, Robin sees glasses as wearable (and comfortable) art. Color, style and material all coming together as a beautiful and creative touch that sets you apart. Robin currently wears a pair of round Derapage because of their stylish lightweight frames. For sunglasses, she’s all about Maui Jim. Trust us, she knows what she is talking about.

Mountains or Coast? Coast!
Fun Fact? I like to go fishing



What are you wearing? Where are you going? What’s your mood? Bevel, Lafont, or J.F.REY? Lisa thinks of glasses as a fashion accessory. With so many options, it’s fun to choose every morning (and evening). If it’s summer (Lisa’s favorite time of year), just put on a pair of big sunglasses!

Mountains or Coast? My favorite is Central Oregon
Glasses or Sunglasses? Sunglasses, but I tend to lose them!