Google Glass, The Future of Glasses?

You’ve probably heard about Google’s futuristic new wearable technology called Glass, but how much do you really know?

Google Glass will be the most high tech pair of glasses ever made. Its many features will come in handy during many daily tasks and activities. Similar to a smartphone, Google Glass will allow users to download countless apps that will have many unique features.

These glasses will be useful when exercising, working, cooking and doing just about anything. But while everyone will share the same technology, the preferred style of frames will vary from person to person—this is where Optic ‘49 comes into the equation.

The team at Optic ’49 is excited about the possibility of being an official fitter of Google Glass. We’re thrilled to be part of this new technology and we believe that Google Glass is going to be a big success and revolutionize how people view glasses.

This opportunity fits in with what we do at Optic ’49 as we are always looking to remain on the cutting edge of optical technology.


Come find your frames at Optic ’49, located in Salem, OR.

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